310  Sengstak St. Mobile, AL 36603
(251) 432-5270 - (251) 432-5271 (fax)

School Information


  • Most Pure Heart of Mary School is located on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue between Broad and Congress Streets.
  • Most Pure Heart of Mary is staffed by licensed Lay teachers and a Daughter of Charity sister .
  • The school serves students from Pre-K3 to Eighth grade.
  • Full day classes for Pre-K 3 & 4 students.
  • style='font-family: Verdana;'>A 'C' average and acceptable conduct must be attained to be eligible for sports and/or extracurricular activities.
  • Title 1 services are available to all eligible students.
  • Federal breakfast/lunch program (see links)
  • Alabama State Curriculum guidelines are followed.
  • Accredited by Advance Ed


Faith community, we
Celebrate liturgy weekly
We teach the truths of our faith,
We study and proclaim His Word
We recognize ALL people as God's children
We reach out to serve those in need.

'Love one another as
I have loved you'


Weekly school-wide student Mass

Sacramental preparation

Daily religion classes

Community Service opportunities



Most Pure Heart of Mary is affiliated with Notre Dame’s ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) Program, Catholic Education. The ACE program allows Notre Dame college graduates the opportunity to serve as full-time teachers in under-resourced Catholic schools. ACE teachers spend two summers (June-July) studying in the Master of Education program at Notre Dame and two school years (August-May) teaching in under-resourced Catholic schools across the country.

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